Quality since 1879

The Peeze story started back in 1879, when brothers Gerrit and Willem Peeze started to roast coffee for farmers near their home in Hengelo. Their reputation grew quickly due to their focus on quality. As a result, Gerrit and his son Willem decided to open a grocery shop and coffee refinery in Hengelo.


In every coffee bean

After the death of his father, Gerrit junior took over the company in 1908. He made sure Peeze's focus on quality could be tasted in every coffee bean. He did this by making quality a key benchmark in every step of the roasting process. And this continues to be an unshakable principle to this very day.


First in the Netherlands

After the war, Peeze decided to move to Arnhem and gained national fame by becoming the first coffee refinery in the Netherlands to work with espresso beans. Subsequently, Peeze also supplied real Italian coffee to the first coffee bar in the Netherlands – Gomperts & Steinmetz.


Sustainable choices

Peeze then gradually developed into a front-runner in terms of sustainability Relocation to the outskirts of Arnhem at the start of the 1990s clearly demonstrated our choice for sustainable and honest business practices: in the meantime, we have one of the most environment-friendly refineries in the world.


Contemporary but based on authentic recipe

Peeze has developed into a contemporary company in the higher echelons of the coffee market. It is also a special company because it continues to be one of the few autonomous companies among the 18 coffee refineries in the Netherlands. We have managed to retain our special position by combining two worlds - on the one hand, that of modern technology and intelligent innovations and, on the other hand, that of authentic recipes and passion for the craft.


Passion for coffee

Peeze currently employees 50 people. The board has been formed by Paul van der Hulst and Timmo Terpstra since 2005, who have also owned Peeze since 2007. Passion for coffee continues to be their most important principle. And is something you can taste..

Mission and vision

Mission: mindful enjoyment

We want people to mindfully enjoy drinking coffee and thus help increase the pleasure in their lives. We do this by supplying the very best coffee and complimentary products, and carefully focussing on the needs of our target groups.

And we show a great deal of respect for the environment when doing so. This is demonstrated by the high level of quality offered to our customers, the inspirational workplace offered to our employees and the prominent place we give to corporate social responsibility. This helps us to create a society with a fair equilibrium between people, the planet and profits.

That is what we call 'mindful enjoyment'.

Mission and vision

Vision: quality and sustainability

For hundreds of years, coffee has been an important source of enjoyment in many cultures. And we expect this position to be reinforced in the future. However, this means we must look after our beautiful planet, which is only possible by promoting quality and sustainability throughout the whole chain.

Therefore, our ambition involves further enhancing chain sustainability and increasing our market share in the hospitality, industrial and consumer segments. We want to become the leading authority in coffee and remain a front-runner in terms of corporate social responsibility.

This means the coffee experience and a healthy planet can go hand in hand.

Sustainability and quality

Throughout the whole chain

At the plantation - Everything starts with the coffee farmer

The first objective is to purchase environment-friendly coffee beans, which is done by collaborating with coffee supplier Efico. It works on our behalf to acquired beans of the very highest quality (100% Arabica). This is achieved by only dealing with plantations that respect the 10 Global Compact Principles championed by the United Nations: these 10 principles are synonymous with fair trading practices. We make an active contribution by training farmers about farming methods and good business practices. In addition, each cup of Peeze coffee helps to support a project in Ethiopia, where we assist a large cooperative in a variety of long-term sub-projects.

Good to know: We only have 100% Certified Coffee: all our coffee plantations have been awarded a certificate of sustainability, which means they either feature the Rainforest Alliance label, the Max Havelaar label or the BIO label.

An overview of our coffee plantations:

rainforestGuatemala: Almost 5%
Plantation: El Platanillo
Certification: Rainforest Alliance certified with Climate Friendly module

rainforestBrazilië: Ruim 25%
Plantage: Daterra
Certificering: Rainforest Alliance gecertificeerd met module Climate Friendly

CERTIFICAAT-2Ethiopïe: Ruim 30%
Plantage: Coop Oromia
Certificering: Fairtrade/Max-havelaar en biologisch

CERTIFICAAT-2Peru: Almost 20%
Plantation: Oro Verde
Certification: Fair trade/Max-havelaar and biological

CERTIFICAAT-2Honduras: Almost 15%
Certification: Fair trade/Max-havelaar and biological

CERTIFICAAT-2Indonesia: Over 5 %
Plantation: Java Makassar
Certification: Fair trade/Max-havelaar and biological

Also read report: CO2 in coffee supply chain and our certified coffee in %


Sustainability and quality

Throughout the whole chain

Our procurement activities - Carefully selected partners

We have made a conscious decision to be a front-runner in terms of sustainable procurement. For example, we always opt for long-term relationships and fair prices. We try to reduce the use of gas, water, paper and energy wherever possible.We use 100% Windenergy Certificate 100% Windenergy 2017 And we only collaborate with companies that share our philosophy towards sustainability.

A good example of this is our partnership with coffee supplier Efico. Its warehouse in Zeebrugge features a complete climate control system and, partly due to 4,600 solar panels, storage is CO2-neutral.


Sustainability and quality

Throughout the whole chain

The refinery - 100% climate-neutral production

Our beans are roasted in one of the most environment-friendly refineries in the world. Thanks to several sustainable decisions – ranging from re-using residual heat to our aluminium-free packaging – we have been able to make our production activities 100% Climate Neutral . We have adopted a very special way of removing chaff from roasted coffee beans, whereby 99% less water is now being used due to intelligent cyclone technology!

In order to maximise flavour, we only work with fresh beans. We roast each type separately (single origin) and only blend them afterwards. This approach helps to do justice to each type of bean. An authentic approach is also adopted when refining our espresso (doppio testate).

Naturally, the coffee has to remain nice and fresh once it has been carefully processed. That is why we immediately place it in special packaging once the roasting and blending process has been completed. And that is something you can taste!

Sustainability and quality

Throughout the whole chain

Your coffee – Mindful enjoyment

We offer a total concept for homes, hospitality settings and workplaces. This means that, besides coffee and tea, we also offer equipment by the world's best brands and possess a wide range of complimentary products. This attention to detail is also a sign of quality!

In addition, we also like to pass on our knowledge and expertise by, for example, offering good advice, providing barista training to our baristas and, of course, by organising the Peeze Experience, which is a fantastic way to showcase our profession and our Arnhem-based company. Furthermore, we also release our magazine, Bewust Genieten (Mindful Enjoyment) twice a year.

As a result, quality and sustainability are a benchmark in everything we do - from bean to cup.

Our reports (Dutch):
* Report:Footprint 2016/2015.
* Certificate:CO2 reduction waste management 2016.
* Report: Mesures to reduce energy 2015.
* Certificate: Climate neutral organisation 2017
* Report: CO2 in Coffee supply chain 2017
* Report: Circular Economy and packaging 2017
* Report: Waste management 2015-2020

Labels and certification


Peeze is the only coffee refinery in the Netherlands that supplies 100% certified coffee. All our coffee features the Max Havelaar label, the BIO label or the Rainforest Alliance label. This allows you and your guests to mindfully enjoy our coffee. In addition, our coffee is 100% climate-neutral. The 100%-neutral principle does not only apply to our production activities, but also to Peeze as a company. The Fair Trade Carbon Partnership programme (Max Havelaar) helps compensation to take place at the source.

Fair Trade (Max Havelaar)

The Max Havelaar label for Fair Trade ensures fair trading conditions are implemented when cooperatives procure products and raw materials from small farmers and plantation workers in developing countries.
BIO label

The BIO label indicates that coffee has been produced in a biological manner in the country of origin. It is a guarantee for environment-friendly cultivation, protection of biodiversity and protection of local eco-systems.
Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance label uses 94 strict requirements to focus on the environment, reforestation, waste management, water preservation and labour conditions.
Climate-neutral (Max Havelaar)

We delivery climate-neutral coffee in partnership with Max Havelaar. CO2 emissions throughout the production chain are actually compensated at the source, namely the plantations in Ethiopia.

Peeze Foundation

“Better coffee for a better world”

People who want a better world, must also do something about it themselves. We do this via the Peeze Foundation, which is an initiative used to support projects throughout the whole coffee chain: from coffee-related projects in countries of origin to social initiatives in the Netherlands.

Coffee: Ethiopia

We always establish one main project in one of the countries where our coffee products originate. At this moment in time, we are supporting the Fero Cooperative in Ethiopia, which has 3500 affiliated members.(Impact report 2017) We work with them to carry out a variety of sub-projects. For instance, we have established drying beds and wooden shelters at the plantation and are currently trying to reduce water consumption at the plantation by e.g. buying a pulp machine.

Tea: Sri Lanka

In the meantime, we have also developed our own tea concept: Communitea. This concept specifically focuses on Sri Lanka, where our tea originates from. For instance, tea drinkers receive a personal message from Sri Lanka with every cup of tea they drink, which helps to bring the two worlds that little bit closer. We are also examining opportunities for establishing a project in Sri Lanka.

The Netherlands

Besides our large projects, we also support a number of social initiatives in the Netherlands: from general social events to sustainable initiatives in and around Arnhem. This is our attempt to actively contribute to a better world. Would you like to know more about the Peeze Foundation? Then visit our website or Facebook.