A pure and unique taste experience. With real Belgian chocolate.

Hot chocolate like you have never tasted before… Not only delicious in winter, but the whole year round! The secret is in the ingredients: no cocoa powder or ready-made chocolate, but real Belgian chocolate combined with fresh hot milk.

Chocolatte helps to create a pure and unique taste experience. It is not only delicious, but is also sustainable and fair. For instance, cocoa farmers are given a fair price and we make sure production is environment-friendly and biological.

Nice and quick

You only need two things to make this hot chocolate: a cup of hot milk and the sachet of Chocolatte. Add the chocolate blocks to the milk, give it a quick stir and then enjoy this pure and unique taste experience!

And prepare to want more!

Dark, white or milk? Which flavour do you prefer? You can opt for a pack of 15 or 30 sachets in the flavour of your choice, or a pack featuring an assortment of all available flavours. In case you simply cannot decide…